Two short Sales stories My favourite sales experience of all time was where someone asked me the simple question , “would you like to try on some Frames’? Of course I wanted to try on some frames – after all I was in an optician shop. Andrew shares two sales scenarios which you can use right now and will help you and your customers come to the point of decision with great ease.

A group of people over the age of eighty-six were asked a simple question. “If you had your life again, what would you do more of?” Many said that they would take more time to reflect. They said they wish they had taken more time to stop, to consider their work and personal lives. They wanted to consider the things they did well and were proud of. They wanted to consider their blunders and see if they could have done things better or made things right again. They wanted to have something of worth to pass on to their loved ones and friends. A common theme in life is we are all so busy even into our old age that we fail to truly reflect. By reflecting we are able to gather a meaningful moment that I call a pause. This pause is something that is just for you and enables each of us to steer a course for the future. By looking back and pausing we are often able to see our future with greater clarity.

We all have troubles. Some are significant and can be extremely wearying upon us. The simple story of The Trouble Tree reminds me to find a geographical place ‘just for me’ each day to let go of my cares. Its easier said than done however if we create a habit of it….real positive change can take place….

“The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something”. Randy Pausch If anyone was to speak of the personal trials of facing a brick wall in their life it was Randy Pausch. In his stunning book and video called The Last Lecture, Pausch is standing in front of his university students in what is to be his last lecture speaking to them as he is slowly dying of pancreatic cancer. It is a story of courage and inspiration and because of him I realise that a brick wall is simply an obstacle asking me how badly do I want something? How badly do you want that change in your business team, in your productivity, in your own life? Obstacles are there to test your conviction, belief and desire. I can assure you if you want to break through the brick wall then you will find a way. I have come to the conclusion that brick walls are good especially when I can see myself on the other side of my personal challenges coaching me onwards.

I believe the timeless television sitcom Cheers is a great example of the type of business we want to go back to time and time again. Although Cheers was only a light-hearted story it is worth considering here. It’s all about a fictitious bar set in Beacon Hill, Boston that provided its customers with a consistent service. Cheers is one of my favourite television shows and the theme song resonates with me plus it’s a great singalong in the car. Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came; You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same; You wanna be where everybody knows your name. Excerpt from the Cheers theme lyrics by Gary Portnoy. We all want to walk into a home or business and be acknowledged, recognised and feel like we belong. A business that has a strong focus on people won’t lose sight of the human element and will make their customers feel like guests instead of ‘per capita units’. Think for a moment of that restaurant which greets you with a smile and by name or the coffee shop barista who knows your order before you even walk in the door. Yes, you return because of the product but more importantly you walk back through the door because you are made to feel special. I call it the Cheers experience.

So many times I hear the expression….Take the Trip and we refer to it as an exotic holiday. However I like to think of it as participation,involvement and being that person in the arena. Sometimes creating great change in your personal and business life is possible by just rising from our armchairs….take YOUR trip…..

Full engagement in the workplace, in your home…’s all about Business From The Heart

Maybe you have been there? …..In a situation where your role has become redundant. Here are two thoughts that may assist in navigating your way forward? Cheers Andrew

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