Business from the Heart Keynote

This is a motivational and inspiring Keynote address designed for small to large groups. Any long-lasting change to take place in a team, relationship or business a decision must be made in the heart. Business from the heart shares life changing principles of self-discovery applicable to work and home.


Some of the heart changing inspiration

Nobody is a failure

The power of reflection in your life

Finding your reason to get out of bed each day

Getting through brick walls

Defining a balanced business model – How to deliver a consistent model for owners, teams and your customer

Living a life of service to others in your business and personal life

OAR model – Accountability that keeps you living above the line


Influence and Motivation

Andrew’s passion is encouraging people to build strong teams that make a difference. He works as a keynote speaker at business meetings and conferences and trains your team on sales growth in small to large settings. He has shared his life and sales experiences with groups of 5 to 400 and enjoys sharing tools and concepts which bring out the best in people. He demonstrates how to see your life in a different way, a way in which you can navigate a way forward and make great changes.


Why should you engage with Andrew?

We all know the right thing to do however education doesn’t change your behaviour. Real transformation in business and life take place when the heart and mind are in sync. Andrew shares simple yet life changing principles that will stimulate a change in thinking and draw the best from your team.  You will be thinking and acting differently in one compelling presentation.

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